DNA quantitation question

N.C.Pancholi at reading.ac.uk N.C.Pancholi at reading.ac.uk
Sun Jan 29 04:34:26 EST 1995

On Thu, 26 Jan 1995 G.Jenkins at daresbury.ac.uk wrote:

> This may be quite a basic question, but it has been troubliong me for
> some time.
> I am currently working on a project using PCR to quantitate mutations.
> Quantitative PCR has it's own pitfalls, but my question is more
> fundamental. I extract DNA from mammalian tissues, using a high salt 
> protocol and I use a spectrophotometer to calculate my DNA concentration.

Dear Gareth,

A few months back I faced the same problems and I posted a message 
like yours.  I got some good responses and on the basis of that I decided 
to use fluorometer to quantitate my DNA samples (300) and the results were 
wonderful.  I then posted the compilation of all responses to the news group.
You can search it on net.bio.net using gopher.

If you find it difficult, let me know, I will try.

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