Acrylamide gels sitcks to plates

MAHARAJAH udbs061 at
Sun Jan 29 13:07:26 EST 1995

I have encountered this problem and think I have solved it.
 1. 	I would'nt wash the plates with detergents after every run. Running hot
water wash followed by ethanol scrubbing and drying with clean cloth
will do. This applies to both the plates. Siliconise that plate which
has been already siliconised in the previous run, each	time,
	 every time I run my seq. gel.
2.	Running the sequencing gel longer after the dye front has run will
cause the gel plate to heat up too much and that causes gel to stick.
If I am running the gel longer I would give a change in the tank buffer.
3.	After the gel has been run and the plates are taken out cool for
7-8 minutes beforelifting the siliconised plate.
4.	Normally sticking gel is not a problem with the non-siliconised plate.
Because, I would soak the gel in the fixer along with the plate for 30' and
then blot out the fixer from the edges, then place an appropriate sized
whatman 3mm blot paper and roll gently over the paper with a 1ml glass
pipet till I'm sure that the entire gel beneath the paper is stuck.
5. If you are using sequenase kit better use the glyceral tolerantgel buffer
both as tank buffer and gel buffer in place of TBE.
Hope these hints will be of some help.sri

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