Taq polymerase

Zal Suldan Z-Suldan at ski.mskcc.org
Sun Jan 29 15:05:38 EST 1995

Hi Netters,

We have been using Taq polymerase from Promega and PE.  We have had
seems to be lot to lot variation with the much less expensive Promega
What has been the experience with other sources?  I hate to shell out
the $ 
for the PE enzyme if it is not necessary.

Dr. Julian Leibowitz (leib at casper.med.uth.tmc.edu)
UT Med School, Houston, Texas

All I can say is... shell out the money! We also used to use Promega
Taq religiously... until we bought our PE machine and got a sample of
PE Taq. On side by side comparison, I got twice as much yield, with
half as much primer with the PE Taq  (I got even better yield, BTW,
with the Boeringer Mannheim Taq). If your institute has a freezer
program, you may actually find that the price differential is not all
that great once shipping is taken into account. I hold no allegience to
any of these companies... but I strongly recommend you at least try PE
or BM.


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