Pollen DNA Extraction Protocol

Erica J Simel ejsimel at SACAM.OREN.ORTN.EDU
Mon Jan 30 15:59:43 EST 1995

Dear Netters,
    I am in need of information pertaining to a DNA extraction 
protocol from gymnosperm and angiosperm pollen.  I am a 
SERS fellow working at ORNL for a few months, and need intact genomic DNA 
for a study on the effects of UV-B radiation.  My current methods involve 
a cellulase/hemicellulase/pectinase enzyme digestion, for which I have no 
reference protocol, and a microwave extraction procedure.  Neither of 
these techniques have been successful in rupturing the pollen, and the 
DNA that I have obtained appears to be degraded.  Any helpful info or 

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