shortened GFP?

Stuart Kuhstoss sk at
Tue Jan 31 12:30:51 EST 1995

In Article <3gk6pa$9lt at>, remeans at (Robert
Means) wrote:
>        I'm interested in using GFP as a reporter and I would like to 
>know if there is any info out there on what sequence is required for 
>flourescence. Is the whole sequence required or is there a central 
>chromophore that can be isolated and still have activity, either alone or 
>as a fusion protein. Thanks for any info or pointers.
>                                                Robert Means

I haven't heard of any shorter versions that work.  I do know that the
chromophore by itself doesn't work, though. If you do find out about some
shorter versions that work, please post or forward to me at SK at LILLY>COM. 
I'd be interested in smaller versions of GFP also.

Stu Kuhstoss  

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