RNA Isolation Systems

Massimo Delledonne delle at pc.unicatt.it
Tue Jan 31 11:30:10 EST 1995

I've tried a lot of commercial kit but no one is working well for me
(with plants like populus or potato or, also, tobacco)
The just one mix kits like RNA fast, RNAzol etc. extract RNA but it is degraded a lot.
Good for RT PCR but no good for nice northern .....(if you don't purify the
messenger rna)

The home made protocol remain the best for me

Dear Richard,
I can give you my protocol, just let me try your last kit for DNA extraction 
from plant you promised me months ago :-)

Massimo Delledonne

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|  Universita' Cattolica S.C. Piacenza -ITALY- 
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