Need source of blood

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Mon Jan 30 19:06:07 EST 1995

In article <3g7dmp$cdg at>, sywang at (Shiao Y. Wang) writes:
 I'm trying to locate vendors. So far I've identified
> Cleveland Scientific and Carolina Biological Supply. Please provide name of
> company and phone number.
> Shiao Wang

> sywang at
I have just found out about Brown Laboratories in Topeka, KS
I spoke with Gary Stewart, and found his price for sheep blood, for instance
was $16.00/100 ml (at least to my location, your price may differ).
He also has rabbit blood.  I am not sure, since I didn't ask, what else
he has available.
phone: (913) 233-3174
Sue Katz,  Biology, Doane College, Crete NE

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