Source of restriction enzyme CviJI

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>The enzyme is produced by MegaBAse Incorporated of Lincoln, Nebraska. 
>Sorry, don't have a phone number, but I've forwarded your message to a 
>colleague in Lincoln who will be able to provide the information.

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>On 26 Jan 1995, Bill Kimmerly wrote:

>> At the DOE Human Genome Contractor's Meeting in Santa fe this
>> past November I heard a talk discussing the use of an enzyme called
>> CviJI in creating "random" blunt-end fragments from a large target.
>> The enzyme's specificity was RC/GY > RC/GR > YC/GY.  Yes, I know
>> it is not truly random, nevertheless I am interested in exploring its
>> utilty in library construction.  Does anyone know of a commercial source
>> of this enzyme?  Any first-hand experience, recommendations, do's & don't's
>> are, of course also welcome.  Thanks in advance for any help.
>> Regards,
>> Bill Kimmerly
>> Staff Scientist
>> Human Genome Center
>> Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
>> kimmerly at
THis enzyme is available from Molecular Biology Resources in Milwaukee.
They tell me that it can be made to cut between every CG pair!

5520 West Burleigh St.
Milwaukee, WI 53210

(800) 626-7873 or (414)871-7199
FAX (414) 871-1273

They are also an OEM supplier for some of your favorite companies.


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