Selenomethionine Incorporation

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Tue Jan 31 04:12:25 EST 1995

Hi Netters,

I have seen a vague reference to incorporation of selenomethionine into
over-expressed proteins in E. coli. The strain named was XA90 and the vector
pHN1+. My questions are;

1) Is pHN1+ the promoter inversion vector described by Szybalski, or is it
something 'special' for Se-Met incorporation?
2) Is XA90 a 'special' cell line for the task of Se-Met inc. or is it simply
required for pHN1+?
3) Am I correct in assuming that one must simply follow an analogous procedure
tothat employed for 35S-Met incorporation, but using Seleno-Met instead?

Thats for you time.

Jon Sayers 
(Lecturerin Molecular Medicine)
Univ. of Sheffield
Dept. of Medicine & Pharmacology
Royal Hallamshire Hospita;
S10 2JF 

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