DNA elution from gels

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>| I assume you mean agarose gels.  Having tried lots of methods for
>| extracting bands from agarose gels, my current favorite is digestion
>| with GELase (Epicentre Technologies, Madison, WI;  1-800-284-8474).
>| In my hands it reliably gives very good yields of clean DNA, good for 
>| sequencing, cloning or whatever.
>Have you been able to PCR amplify DNA extracted in this way?  Past discussions
>here concluded Gelase extracted DNA does not work for PCR. I assume you are not
>cycle sequencing :-o

I haven't cycle-sequenced, but I _have_ amplified successfully.  I
_think_ other people in my lab have successfully performed dye-deoxy
sequencing on GELase-purified DNA; I'll have to check that.  One
problem variable (for _any_ extraction method) might be the quality
of the LGT agarose used; I've always used Fisher's.

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