fluorescent in situ PCR - bacteria

Chris Barry ez019276 at ucdavis.edu
Mon Jan 30 15:27:17 EST 1995

alpc at liverpool.ac.uk (Mr. D.A. Deere) wrote:
> Has anyone out there come across any successful conclusive
> work in which individual bacterial cells could be visualised from mixed
> background populations using in situ PCR?

I don't know is this answers your question or not. But I have done some 
FISH in eukaryotes and this is how it works for me. Label your probe
with one color fluorophore (ie: Texas Red, Cy3, fluorocine, etc.) and
use a filter on an epi-fluorescence microscope that allows you to 
visualize that color. The prokaryote you are looking for should 
stand out from the others.

				Chris Barry

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