Anyone use Silver Sequencing? Does it work?

Daniel Kim dkim at
Sun Jan 29 19:50:00 EST 1995


I have not used silver stain for sequencing, but I have used the silver 
sequence kit staining procedure to detect ds DNA bands for SSCP and for
DDRT-PCR.  I used a small gel apparatus (BioRad Protean II. mini Protean
II, or Hoefer Tall Mighty Small), and so did not use a "bind silane" to fix
the gel onto one plate, instead, I had the gels free in buffer (both plates

The silver stain procedure is very straightforward and does work well,
although you may want to play with it a few times.  There is a bit of a
"feel" to it before you get optimal signal/noise.

I can't see why the silver sequence kit should not work, with a bit of

Daniel Kim
dkim at

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