mRNA PolyA tail ??

Shahram Mori smori at
Sun Jan 29 17:12:59 EST 1995

Dr. YL Du (yd128 at albnyvms.bitnet) wrote:
: Questions about the poly A tail of RNA in mammalian cells.

: 1.  Is it true that  every mRNA must have a poly A tail?   Has anybody 
: ever find a cDNA without a poly A tail  instead you find a AT rich region
: at the 5 prime end?   If you find such cDNA form cDNA library screen,
: would you think it a cDNA from mRNA?  Any comment.

No. some histone mRNA's are not polyadenylated. But they have some unique
sqces at their 3'end that form a stem and loop region followed by a
purine-rich region. And if you are looking to isolate cDNA using PolydT's you
would miss such messages. 

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