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> I am attempting to sequence a 264 bp region.  I am loading the gel  two
> times: the first loading runs for 2.5 hours and then I do the second
> loading and let the gel run for another 2 hours ( ie the first loading runs
> a total of 5.5 hours).  The problem is that  on film the first loading is
> all smeared but the second loading is ok.  I know the gel is ok and my
> samples are ok because the second loading is fine.   I am running the gel
> at constant power 55 W.  Any ideas?    
> Thanks in advance
> Tracy


are you pre-running your gel before you do your first loading?  I always
used to pre-run my gels for half an hour (at 40-45 W constant power)
before loading my samples.  Hope this is of some help.
(ksnowden at bio.tamu.edu)

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