yskim at CAMD2.KKPCR.RE.KR yskim at CAMD2.KKPCR.RE.KR
Mon Jul 3 00:45:31 EST 1995

Dear Netters :

I'm planning to collect or clone only 'promoter region' from plant.
In order to detour many tackles and to save time, I wanna use PCR tools.
Some consensus sequences were known in plant promoter region.
So I intend to use that sequence as a primer. But I have problems.
1) Those sequences are too short to be used as a primer( <  8 bases).
2) Only one-side primer ( consensus region ) will be constructed,
    how can I construct the other side primer?

And inform me how to construct 'promoter library' from plant.

Thank in advances.

Kim, Yong-Sig
Internet : yskim at camd2.kkpcr.re.kr

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