Western help needed!

Anne Spang spang at vms.biochem.mpg.de
Mon Jul 3 13:18:00 EST 1995

Hi Wei!
If your bands are curved on the western blot, they should also be curved
on the SDS-Page. So, your first problem might be the SDS-page itselfs. Do
you have high salt concentrations or detergents in your sample?
What about your blotting efficiency? Is your protein an abundant protein?
Can you overexpress or enrich it as control of your Westerns? What about
other antibodies? Do they give a simliar faint signals?
I often use antibodies in a very high concentration and I am working with
proteins which are not very abundant in the cell... I do not think that
your problem primarily is related to the ECL-Kit.
.. but please give more informations about your problem!


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