Who knows the tricks for S1 or primer Ext

Traci Roth ez015890 at chip.ucdavis.edu
Wed Jul 5 18:16:24 EST 1995

Dr. Kimberly Walker (kwalker at umabnet.ab.umd.edu) wrote:
: Is ther anyone out there who knows the tricks to the trade for 
: MungBean/S1 mapping v. Primer extension?  I gotta do it quick and I want 
: to know if there are pitfalls I should watch out for.
: Kim


	If you want to get S1 done quickly, I would suggest the Ambion S1 
kit which worked well for me (no I am not a rep).  Also, make sure you 
have reasonably good RNA for either procedure.  For primer ex. I would 
suggest purifying primers before use.  

Feel free to email me if you want more details

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