Call for LacZ fragment for terminal bash

Brad Nicholson brad at
Wed Jul 5 09:46:06 EST 1995

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raveh at BGUMAIL.BGU.AC.IL (Dina Raveh BGU) wrote:

> We have a protein whose DNA sequence ends at +2.  Does anyone have a lacZ 
> gene which we could blunt onto this and get readthru?
> Thanks, Dina

Hello Dina,
You might look for someone who has one of the vectors from Robert Simons,
pRS415, pRS551 etc. He has both protein and operon fusions to lacZ, with a 
multi-cloning site with EcoRI-SmaI-BamHI (both orientations), it also has a

transcriptional terminator in front of the cloning sites to prevent read-
through.  This may work for you.  The reference is:
Simons, R., Houman, F. & Kleckner, N.. 1987, Improved single and multicopy
lac-based cloning vectors for protein and operon fusions. Gene, 53, 85-96.

Good luck,

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