Help - isolation of DNA from snake cross-sections

Gregory Stuart gstuart at
Wed Jul 5 23:51:06 EST 1995

	Hello - I am posting this for a friend. He is isolating DNA from
cross-sections of snakes (snake slices), as follows : grinding the frozen
tissue in liquid nitrogen; overnight proteinase K incubation; phenol-CHCl3
extractions, CHCl3 extractions. His A280/A260 ratio is >1, indicating a
lot of protein. He does not see much proteinaceous material at the
interface. Apparently, the proteinase K digests are working, as the tissue
suspensions clarify during the incubations. Also, there appears to be some
problem with carry-over of (colored) contaminants during the DNA
isolations. The intended use for the DNA is PCR and multiplex PCR.
	Any hints, ideas, and suggestions would be welcome. A working 
protocol would be most appreciated! :-) I will post a summary if 
sufficient useful material is received. 
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