How to import MD PhosphorImager images?

John M. Garrison 74222.3137 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Jul 5 08:32:07 EST 1995

jkortes at (Jarkko Kortesmaa) writes:
>>Is is possible to export images from the ImageQuaNT program of 
>>Dynamics PhosphorImager?

The Molecular Dynamics PhosphorImager (like all Molecular 
Dynamics scanners) uses a standard 16-bit TIFF file.  Even though 
this is an "industry-standard" file, it is not supported by many 
other software programs.  Most programs will only accept 8 bit 
and 24 bit TIFF's.  (A 24 bit TIFF is really 8 bit TIFF x 3 color 
channels, while a 16 bit TIFF is 16 bits in one greyscale 

Molecular Dynamics provides a utility called Convert 16 to 8 
which allows you to make an 8 bit representation of a 16 bit TIFF 
and save it as a new file.  Since your monitor is an 8 bit 
greyscale display anyway, you will not see a visual difference.  
However, the new file will be 1/2 the file size and will not be 
as accurate for quantitation.  This 8 bit TIFF can be opened by 
Word, Excel, Photostyler, and Corel draw, to name a few.
Depending on your software version, the utility will be built 
into ImageQuant or bundled with it.  Please e-mail me with more 
specifics if you need more help.
specifics if you need more help.
specifics if you need more help.

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