DNA Sequencing-HELP

TimHusky tkuwada at neuron.uchc.edu
Wed Jul 5 21:32:25 EST 1995

The temp of the gel can affect the resolution of your bands.  When you
load your 
second run the gel may be "hotter" than your first load, thus giving
you better resolution.  The optimum temp should be above 55C, dont go
too hot as this may 
crack your plates.  I dont know if you are doing this, but pre-warming
your gel (70W 1hr) will greatly improve your resolution; try placing a
piece of styrofoam
over the plates to facilitate warming.  Also the top - mid portions 
of the gel are easier to read. If you run your first load for 3hrs and
then develop 
it (no second load), you may be able to visualize your blurred range. 
You may have to run mulitple gels but it may be shorter and easier in
the long run.
Good luck Manitoba (I was born in Winnipeg)    

Tim Kuwada
Medical Student Univ. Connecticut

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