Alternative to Zeocin?

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Wed Jul 5 14:06:17 EST 1995

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> Zeocin is bleomycin

I have the Zeocin data sheet (from Invitrogen) in front of me and this states
that it is "not as toxic as bleomycin on fungi".  The compound is
apparently phleomycin D1.

For those of you that are using it, forget about the need for "low salt LB"
medium and use 1x YT.  This is much richer and the antibiotic works just
fine on plates and in culture (no cross-resistance to amp, tet or kan).

My main worry about the pZeoSV vector is that it requires CMV as the promoter
for the Zeocin resistance gene.  So;
a) Why is such a very strong promoter needed?  Is the gene product inefficient?
b) Do the SV40 and CMV promoters interfere with each other?
c) What happens in COS cells (where the SV40 and CMV promoters will be strongly
   modulated by the T-antigen) compared to "normal" cells (basal promoter

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