mRNA purification kit

lmc at sevax1 lmc at sevax1
Wed Jul 5 12:07:45 EST 1995

We bought a Pharmacia "QuickPrep mRNA purification kit" some
months ago but it was stored at -20C instead of +4C as it
was stated in the package. The column clearly has "do not
freeze" written on it. Does anybody out there know if I can
reliably use the kit?. I'm waiting the response of the Pharmacia
representative in Spain but I'd like to know the suggestions
from people without commercial interests before I pour my
priceless RNA into the "now-defrosted" column. I guess
the fozen buffers suplied with the kit will be fine.
Thanks for the help

Luis M. Corrochano
Departamento de Genetica
Universidad de Sevilla
Sevilla, Spain
LMC at

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