Merck Index on the internet?

martin LEACH leach at
Thu Jul 6 10:12:35 EST 1995


someone corrected my error.....the merck manual is nowhere near the same as
the merck index....the manual is a physicians guide to diseases...however, I
have still seen it on a pc and mac


martin LEACH (leach at wrote:
: I believe the chemical data sheets are on the far Merck Index is
: not.....however, I have seen a Mac and PC version of the Merck Manual....I
: believe the merck index is a concise version of the merck manual (the manual
: takes up about 30 megs...)

: ciao

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: cjackson (cjackson at wrote:
: : Does anybody know whether the Merck Index is available on the internet? 
: : Or any other similar database?

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