Who sells Gilson pipettors?

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  > > Need Gilson pipettors!  Could some one tell where I may be able to buy it.
  > > Thanx in advance
  > > bye
  > > jaishree
  > > [jaishre at matt.ksu.edu]
  > Ranin sells them, none of the big houses, Fisher VWR etc, do.  ~$250 ea
  >                                                                Ted Michelini

I prefer the Socorex. If you get the chance, try them out before you plump
for Gilsons. They have a much nicer feel, much quicker and easier
adjustment and you can calibrate them yourself (if necessary). The only
problem is that they don't fit some types of aerosol resistant tips.

I have no connection with Socorex etc. I just think they make the best
pipettors on the market.
Andy Law

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