How to remove albumin?

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>Hi there!
>Any ideas about how to COMPLETELY remove trace amounts of albumin from an 
>otherwise pure preparation of protein. MEC is not feasable because the 
>molecular weight of the protein of interest is too close to 68 kDa. The 
>trace amounts of albumin have not been removed by a number of IEC steps, or 
>chromatography on Cibacron Blue or phenyl sepharose. Any ideas?
>Rory Morty
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If your protein binds to monoS you might succeed. BSA is in the flowthrough
if you load the column at 50mM NaCl and pH8 (I think even 100mM will work).
Wash the column with 10-20 columnvolumes and elute your protein with a 
salt gradient.
Good luck!

Arnoud Kal
Dept. of Biochemistry
University of Amsterdam

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