SOB Medium: Why add Mg late?

Szatmari George szat at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Fri Jul 7 10:09:29 EST 1995

In article <3tg6g3$ov5 at> Nigel Kenward <mbxnjk at> writes:
>Hi Mike,
>	I understand that if you put the Mg ions in prior to autoclaving, there 
>is a risk that the Mg will precipitate out and make the solution cloudy.
>I've never risked it so I can't confirm whether it's true or not !
>Nigel Kenward
>Nottingham University

Difco now sells an SOB mix, where you just add water and autoclave it
(I think).  They also sell premixed LB and TB.  If you give them,
or your Difco distributor a call, they'll send you a free sample.

No affiliations with Difco, just a poor researcher!

-George Szatmari
Microbiologie, Univ de Montreal

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