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I wonder if people are interesting here into DNA
> chips technologies.
> Are some of you interesting in opening discussion?
> Patrick

Dear Friends,

So shall we begin with a definition of DNA chips?

It would be interesting by getting as many as possible definition you will
like to give to these Chips.

So let me tell you what are we talking about (from my point of view).

DNA Chips technologie is the reverse Dot-Blot of the future (have a look
to the attached pict version of my technology evolution ladder) with:
1) Probes are coated on a silicium based surface or a glass surface
2) An electronic device is coupled to that stuff to allow rapid detection
   it can be a ccd camera, it can be a laser microscope, it can be a
current monitor, it can be whatever you want but it needs to be computer
3) The number of probes coated on the chip can grow up to millions

So what are the DNA Chips for?
   MultiDiagnostic purposes
   Sequencing by Hybridization (SBH***)

(***) and we know that SBH is patented. Do you think I can talk about it
without infringing any patents?

Please let me know what do you think (or wish) DNA Chips are for you?

Avec mes Amitiés, Patrick Merel
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