how to work out curvature of DNA???

Szatmari George szat at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Fri Jul 7 10:04:21 EST 1995

In article <gqva12.804957756 at> gqva12 at (G Gallagher) writes:
>Hello out there
>Does anyone know how to work out the extent to which the secondary structure
>and/or curvature of dsDNA is altered by mutations?
>Specifically, I want to guage the effect of differing sizes of a CA repeat.
>There doesn't seem to be an obvious programme in the GCG package.
>Many thanks
>Grant Gallagher

DNAstar sells a program which calculates bends in DNA and can display
the structure in one or two dimensions (stereogram).  You can contact
them in the UK at DNAstar Ltd, Abacus House, Manor Road, West Ealing,
London W13 0AS.  phone: 81-566-8282   fax 81-566-9555

Hope this helps,
Dr George Szatmari
Dept de microbiologie et immunologie
Universite de Montreal

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