Suggestions needed for PCR primers for mouse X and Y chromosomes.

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Fri Jul 7 09:48:39 EST 1995

bernard at (Bernard Murray) wrote:
> Greetings,
> 	I have some mouse genomic DNA and would find it very useful to
> know the sexes of the animals that provided it.  Rather than reinventing
> the wheel I would greatly welcome suggestions for PCR primer sets that
> could be used to detect a Y chromosome specific sequence (and an X as
> well, as a control).  Ease of use and applicability to a variety of
> mouse strains would be a plus.
> 	A search through the archives revealed the discussion on
> sexing of birds but I haven't seen anything for mice.  Any information
> will be gratefully received.
> 	Thank you all,
> 		Bernard
> Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
> bernard at (National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA)

Hi! We normally sex our mice using two genes specific for the Y chormosome,
Sry and Zfy. 
The primers for Sry are:
forward: 5' gtc tag aga gca tgg agg gc 
reverse: 5' tgg cat gtg ggt tcc tgt cc

and for Zfy:

5' cct att gca tgg aca gca gct tat g
5' gca tag aca tgt ctt aac atc tgt cc

We have used several strains (mus musculus and mus domesticus) and they work fine,
between 58 to 62 degrees (C)

Any question just contact me.
Good luck!

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