Pre-flashing films for ECL??

Srinivas K. Janardan, M.D. vjanarda at
Fri Jul 7 09:40:25 EST 1995

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> Does pre-flashing improve linearity of signal?  

We tried this in our lab very briefly and did not get any improvement in
the linearity of quantitation.  It just shifts the curve.

> Any other info or discussion of western quantitation would be appreciated.

In our lab we routinely do quantitation using ECL and Hyperfilm.  One
should be aware of the limitations of the film and use an internal
standard for each run.

> Are there commercial pre-flash units available?

Yes, you can get from Amersham, but I don't think it is wroth your money. 

The above reply leaves out much detail that I care not to type. If you
wish to discus this any more E-mail me directly.


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