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Sat Jul 8 22:23:51 EST 1995

Rick Neubig (RNeubig at wrote:
: jon <gilmour at> wrote:
: >Does anyone know of any simple, easy to use, stats packages available for PCs or on the internet?
: >I'm a molecular biologist with little to no expertise in this area!
: >Jon Lyall.

: We use InStat from GraphPad software. They have a home page at


: Disclaimer: I consult for them so I won't comment on relative merits but 
: will just provide the pointer to their site.

: Rick Neubig                             RNeubig at

We recently started using Prism from GraphPad for scientific graphing.  
For our purposes (Mostly cell survival curves, and DNA damage assays) 
this is *wonderful*.  We have previously used Excel, SigmaPlot for 
Windows, MathCad, and Quattro Pro.  I am now quite happily moving all of 
these files over to Prism format as our gorup has decided to standardize all 
data in this format.  It is certainly the most intuitive *and* flexible 
package I have run across.  I highly recommend that you check out their 
web site, as this is how we got started as well.  Although I haven't used 
InStat, I can tell you that our interactions with both personnel and 
products at GraphPad have been outstanding.  I *do not* have any 
affiliation with the company, but I sympathize with any biologist who has 
tried to use programs designed by and for mathmeticians and engineers.

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