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First of all, let me apologize for sending this to the wrong place, but I sure
do need someone's input, and I've got 5$ riding on this.  One of my roomies
from College now lives in Maine with his wife.  Being far from any where, he
and his wife drive a lot to visit friends and family.  To while away the hours,
they invented a game, called "the Gregger game."  Basically, you name any two
famous personalities, (they're usually actors or actresses) and try to link them
in as few steps as possible.  For example, you could link Andre Agassi to O.J.
Simpson thus...
 	O.J. was in "The Naked Gun" with Leslie Nielson, who was in "Nuts"
with Barbara Streisand (sp?), who alledgedly dated Agassi.  There, three links
from Agassi to O.J.  Well, the Gregger sent me a real stumper.  Charlie Chaplain
to Maddona in five links or fewer.  Well, I stink at the game, and I always
lose.  But if I could get this one, I'm sure I could win because I have a really
great one for him.  His hint was that Chaplain was married to Paulette Goddard,
who was married to another movie star through whom the progression leads.
Now, Madonna was in "Body of Evidence" with Willem Dafoe, and "Dick Tracy" with
Warren Beatty.  Warren Beatty's mom is Shirley McClain, so I'm pretty sure 
there is a guy who was married to Paulette Goddard, and appeared in a movie or
was married to McClain, but I'm lost.  It could also be that I'm on the wrong 
completely.  Madonna was married to Sean Penn, so maybe the progression goes
that way.  Any suggestions?  Please E-mail me directly, so as not to clutter
up these nice people's group.  Again, sorry to post this here, but its the
only news group to which I belong.



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