Home-Made TA cloning

jim hartley jhartley at access2.digex.net
Mon Jul 10 05:22:29 EST 1995

Look at Xcm I from BioLabs

Jim Hartley

On 9 Jul 1995 s060965 at AIX1.UOTTAWA.CA wrote:

> I've been trying to think of a way to make my own TA cloning kit.  
> There doesn't seem to be any available restriction enzymes that will 
> produce the proper ends for TA cloning (although I'm sure Invitrogen must 
> have one in their bag of tricks).
> I've been thinking that if I ran PCR on a linearized plasmid 
> (Bluescript), and used primers that annealed to each end of the plasmid 
> but had one or two loose A's hanging over the edge it might work.
> Any ideas out there.
> Cris Martin

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