how leaky is it for lacIq?

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> Hi,
> I wonder if any one can give me some clues on this, so I won't loose 
> any sleep tonight :).    If you have two copies of lac promotors on the
> plasmid, say, pBlueScript, and the host cell has lacIq mutation on it, how
> tightly controlled the expression would be?  Could the over-produced lac
> repressors be diluted by the presence of two promotors, so that the 
> expression becomes leaky?
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quite leaky. Assuming a high copy number plasmid like pUC18 or
pBluescript, the lacIq allele in most cloning strains will only
partially regulate the promoter. You require IPTG for full induction,
but it definately is quite on without inducer. You need a plasmid
encoded lacI gene to really repress such high copy number plasmids.

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