Who sells Gilson pipettors?

Michael J. Tuvin mtuvin at bcm.tmc.edu
Mon Jul 10 11:30:05 EST 1995

I personally prefer Oxfords to anything else. They have couple advantages
over the Gilsons:

They are easier to adjust: the rotating part is actually the plunger 
button, so your gloved fingers do not get stuck into any crevice.
They have a flip-type locking gismo so you can be sure that your setting 
remains unchanged while repetitive pippeting.
They are also easy to clean, they are autoclavable, and they are cheaper..

As a drawback I should mention that the last version has a decreased 
accuracy in comparison to an older one. That is an effect, by the way, of 
their silly move to copy Gilson's pipetting ranges. Their own were much 
more clever chosen.

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