Help needed with in situ hybrisiation

Mr D J Sutherland lsrfi
Mon Jul 10 09:32:42 EST 1995

>   Mr D J Sutherland <lsrfi> wrote:
>>At a conference recently I was told of a method for enhancing the 
>signal from
>>an alkaline phosphatase linked secondary using polyvinyl alcohol.   
>>anybody know anything about this method?
>>A BIDS search brought up the reference: Bart & Ivarie 1994,  
>Biotechniques V.17
>>pp324-327 - But unfortunately no one in our department takes the 
>>edition.   I'd be very grateful if someone could look it up for me & 
>give me a
>>summary (or scan and attach if easier)
>If you give me your fax number, I shall send you a copy of the paper
>Pierre-Alain Menoud
>Laboratory of Oncology
>University of Geneva

Hi Pierre,

My Fax No. is 01203 523701 (however I'm not sure what the international
dialling code is).
Hope its not too much trouble
Many thanks

Dave Sutherland
DV at DNA.BIO.Warwick.AC.UK
Biological Sciences
University of Warwick

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