glycerol effect with TBE; RE:

Tue Jul 11 13:22:12 EST 1995

>I think this deal with the glyceroo tolerant buffer is somewaht of a
>misnomer. I routinely have run 5% gels using TBE having diluted sequenase
>in the glycerol buffer and i dont seem to have any problems. The artifact
>caused by the glycerol  runs up in the 400 bp region so for shorter runs
>than this I wouldnt worry about it. It doesnt seem as pronounced using the
>5% gesl either so that may be a way out for you?

I try to prepare gel by mix stocks right before need. and I didn't find the
glycerol effect anymore even with TBE. May be due to less Sequenase I used for
reaction, about 80% of recommand. I'll never used the premixed acryamide gel
buffer which gave me "glycerol effect" even with less enzyme.

Good luck to everyone!


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