pT7-7 cloning

Michael J. Tuvin mtuvin at
Tue Jul 11 10:11:29 EST 1995

Your "pT7-7 problem" is most likely related to the design of your PCR
primers. NdeI digestion requires quite a bit of an overhang on either side
of CATATG-palindrome. Recognition site provides for recognition but not 
necessarily is sufficient for the enzyme attachement. NEB catalog (1995) 
has a good table (p208) of a chain length required for the digestion with 
different enzymes. It will provide you with a reference point.
When I design my primers for the NdeI-add-on-PCR I provide for at least 12
nucleotides of some nonsense sticking out in front of the site.
Good luck

PS: If you happened to have the sequence of pT7-7 I would appreciate your 
sharing it with me (by e-mail). We have the vector itself but do not have
the sequence outside the cloning cassette.
Thank you
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