DNA recovery from gels

Sailesh Surapureddi SaiSu at MCB.LiU.SE
Tue Jul 11 19:27:24 EST 1995

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>From: bicfo at flinders.edu.au
>Subject: DNA recovery from gels
>Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 19:46:26 GMT
>Gidday, fellow netters!
>I'm having truckloads of trouble trying to consistently recover DNA 
>(0.7-1.8kb) from low-melting point agarose gels. I've tried agarase digestion, 
>phenol extraction, Promega  WIZARD PCR columns  and 'squeeze-freeze' 
>techniques - all with limited success (none at all with the agarase!). Does 
>anybody have a foolproof method, or can anyone direct me to somewhere on the 
>net where different techniques might be discussed?
>Thanks, Colleen.

	My spade of solutions to your truck load of problems

	I have been sucessfull with Pharmacias extraction kit and later upon using 
Qiaex II with some modifications, the later works beautifully now and almost all 
of the DNA can be extracted by this method (the usual disclamiers are 
practicsed, no relation to any of the companies except being sucessful user). So 
try one of them and in my opinion the later one would be more preferable.

So  unload your problems with either of them.
happy times

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