Direct PCR from E. coli colonies

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>Yes, you can use a similar method.  I have frequently amplified directly 
>from bacteria by pulling up a small amount of bacterial material with a 
>pipet tip, and adding it to a 50ul PCR reaction with the Taq omitted.  I 
>heat to 95C for 15 minutes,then add Taq and cycle as I would for normal 
>DNA template-based PCR.  The only problem I ever had was using a massive 
>clump of bacteria, which decreased amplification some.  A small swipe is 
>more than adequate for PCR, so do not overdo it.  Good luck.

A 10 ul reaction works fine, and (in my hands) one doesn't need to
heat-treat for 15 min (but I do use a 2 min 95 deg first step after
adding Taq).  Just touching a micropipette tip to the colony (you
don't need to see the cells you've removed) and mixing it in with the
master mix also suffices to give nice bands.

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