hekp with sigmacoat and sequencing gels

Christopher M. Tebeau ctebeau at melre.acns.nwu.edu
Wed Jul 12 16:20:28 EST 1995

In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.950711134256.15100A-100000 at chip>, 
szjmahr at peseta.ucdavis.edu says...
>I am relatively new to sequencing.  at first when pouring my gels i 
would ......
>        1.  will i ever be able to get the stuff off my plates
>        2.  does anyone know of a way to use the stuff so that it works 
>        3  does any one have  alternative ideas for helping me out????
>sincerly - jamahr at ucdavis.edu

I use sigmacote for pouring sequencing gels.  First, I wash the plates 
with Soft Scrub Cleanser/water and wipe them dry.  Then  was with 95% 
Etoh and dry, and then apply sigmacote with Kimwipes.  Last, wipe the 
plates with dry Kimwipes thoroughly(usual disclaimers).  Hope this helps.

					Christopher M. Tebeau
					Northwestern University
					ctebeau at merle.acns.nwu.edu

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