Sequencing gel solution premixes

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Wed Jul 12 15:40:58 EST 1995

Hi, Richard. 
	For DNA sequencing gels we make up a standard solution for 6% 
gels.  We make up everything except TEMED and APS, filter, and store at 4 
degrees C.  We make up 50ml-1 liter at a time.  When we pour a gel, 
depending on the width of our plates (# of lanes needed), take necessary 
amount of sequencing gel mix and add TEMED and APS.  Never any problems.  
If you need any recipes or have any questions or discover any problems if 
you try this out, please e-mail me at:  blong at

Bob Long

On 12 Jul 1995, R. P. Grant +44 1 865 221018 wrote:

> > I was wondering if a standard urea, acrylamide, TBE, water and TEMED solution 
> > was stable during storage. I ask with regards to the companies  (e.g. National 
> > Diagnostics) selling sequencing gel solutions which are ready to set after 
> > the addtion of APS. 
> Dunno about the TMED, but we used to make up a 10/9 stock of Urea/Ac in h2o, 
> deionize and filter.  Kept for months at 4C (in the dark).  
> Then we added 10XTBE (filtered, if necessary) and the AMPS + TEMED.  
> I'd worry about the TBE ppting if stored cold.
> rgds,
> Richard
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