Sequencing gel solution premixes

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Wed Jul 12 14:36:46 EST 1995

In article <mwg.3.00082A02 at>, mwg at (Mike Gaunt) writes:
> Dear Sequencers and Associates:
> I was wondering if a standard urea, acrylamide, TBE, water and TEMED solution 
> was stable during storage. I ask with regards to the companies  (e.g. National 
> Diagnostics) selling sequencing gel solutions which are ready to set after 
> the addtion of APS. 
We use for now more than one year this National Diagonostic gel solution
without any problems (the solution could be stored for more than one month at
4degree). Our gels are fine. The only thing is to add a little more APS than
with other solution without TEMED (120 microliter of 25% APS for 80 ml
sequencing gel solution)

I hope that this help you

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