tel or e-mail for S.M.Jazwinski ULSMC

LOGAN logan at
Wed Jul 12 07:03:43 EST 1995

I realise this is not a direct mol.biol. question, but I need to contact 
S.Michal Jazwinski.
I have a postal address of:
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
LMouisiana State University Medical Center,
New Orleans, LA

As I would like to contact him reasonably quickly if someone out there can give 
me an e-mail address or phone no. I would be very grateful. I have spent the 
best part of a day trying to search the net through various means, all without 
success (I am fairly new to this though :)) and am almost frustrated enough to 
use snail-mail!

Thanks in advance.

Helen Logan
Logan at 

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