Why probe hybridizes to vector?

faerber at ubaclu.unibas.ch faerber at ubaclu.unibas.ch
Wed Jul 12 09:48:00 EST 1995

> I routinely produce Southern probes by PCR using "insert-primers" to eliminate
> the presence of vector sequences.  However, I STILL see strong hybridization
> of this probe to vector (specifically Bluescript) sequence.  I believe this is 
> causing serious problems since I am trying to use this probe to screen a cDNA
> library constructed in Lambda Zap II (ie., Bluescript).
> Any suggestions?
> Amy Marion
> marion at smtplink.ipfw.indiana.edu

Do you have that problem with one special probe or with all your southern
probes? How long is our PCR-produced probe? 

faerber at ubaclu.unibas.ch 

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