RNA probes

Stewart G Martin stewart.martin at nott.ac.uk
Wed Jul 12 10:38:56 EST 1995

Hope someone out there can help with an enquiry.
I want to do some RPA analysis and, for a variety of
reasons, don't have the time to clone my genes of
interest (fairly common i.e. myc, fos, jun, cyclin A, cyclin B
for both mouse and human) into a suitable vector to make
labelled probe.  I would be really grateful if anyone could
suggest a source where I might be able to purchase some
probe templates.  I know that Ambion produce probe templates
but most of them are for mouse.

Any suggestions ?

Stewart Martin
Laboratory of Molecular Oncology
CRC Department of Clinical Oncology
University of Nottingham

stewart.martin at nott.ac.uk

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