Sequencing gel solution premixes

Colin Rasmussen colin_rasmussen at
Wed Jul 12 10:36:25 EST 1995

rpgrant at (R. P. Grant +44 1 865 221018) wrote:
>> I was wondering if a standard urea, acrylamide, TBE, water and TEMED solution 
>> was stable during storage. I ask with regards to the companies  (e.g. National 
>> Diagnostics) selling sequencing gel solutions which are ready to set after 
>> the addtion of APS. 
>Dunno about the TMED, but we used to make up a 10/9 stock of Urea/Ac in h2o, 
>deionize and filter.  Kept for months at 4C (in the dark).  
>Then we added 10XTBE (filtered, if necessary) and the AMPS + TEMED.  
>I'd worry about the TBE ppting if stored cold.

I make up a stock gel mix conatining everything but the TEMED and ammonium persulfate. It is stored 
in the fridge (which is pretty dark most of the time) and works fine. I have also stored the same mix 
on my benchtop (which is not very dark, and a lot warmer) for a few weeks.  I wouldn't recommend it 
because it seems that bands get a little fuzzy with time (maybe the urea or acrylamide going off).


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