DNA purification from agarose gels

Tim tkuwada at neuron.uchc.edu
Thu Jul 13 15:27:06 EST 1995

In article <bio.tamu.edu-2906951005260001 at ricelab-centris650.tamu.edu>
bio.tamu.edu writes:
>I am interested in what other people think about Qiagens new Qiaquick
>columns compared to Promega's wizard PCR preps.  Has anybody done a direct
>comparison of these two kits for purification of DNA from gels?

We have not used the Qiagen kit but have had poor yields with the
Promega kit.
When we have attempted to purify plasmids (>3kb) with the Promega kit
we have consistently
recovered a 1.5kb.  All of our reagents have been filtered, thus it is
that this a contaminating band.  To date we have 0% yield of the
desired DNA.  
I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has had similar

t.kuwada at neuron.uchc.edu

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