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> A company rep has just been trying to sell me a machine that will do large
> numbers of plasmid preps on a small scale - up to 96 well plate size -
> presumably for large sequencing operations etc.
> This set me thinking - we regularly do plasmid preps, needing 100ug to
> 1mg as a rule per prep, using Quiagen columns - good enough for transfections
> in our hands into mammalian cells. Is there a machine available or being
> developed that could do this for us? We spend a lot of resources doing this
> mundane task which is ripe for automation, when we could be doing science.

When I was a post-doc at Caltech, we used a mini-prep robot made a company
AutoGen.  It would do up to 160 3 ml minipreps. Normally, during the day,
we would limit it to 80 preps so that it would be done by the end of the
day.  The 160 preps would go overnight.  Recovered DNA was OK for
automated sequencing and other routine mol biol applications.  I never
tried it for transfection.  

If you want more info I can put you in touch with someone there who uses
the robot.


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